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LISTEN: Blake Rainey, ‘Go Find Yourself Another Barroom’

Dec 2, 2016

LISTEN: Blake Rainey, 'Go Find Yourself Another Barroom'

Artist: Blake Rainey & His Demons
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Song: "Go Find Yourself Another Barroom"
Album: Helicopter Rose
Release Date: December 9
Label: Southern Lovers Recording Co.

In Their Words: "I have always been a fan of smoke- and booze-filled sad country songs like 'Dim Lights, Thick Smoke or 'Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down' or 'If Drinking Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will),' which usually involve some kind of juke joint or honky-tonk dive bar where the down-and-out congregate. I've spent a whole lot of time in places like these throughout my life. The bar can be a second home for many and an actual home for many more. And, for bar folk, when life throws you a curve ball and sends you more troubles, the bar is the place you want to be — the place where you always go to try and forget things. Unless, of course, they are there to remind you.

"With 'Go Find Yourself Another Barroom,' I asked myself the question, 'If two barflies break up or get divorced, who gets the bar?' It's obviously going to be difficult to belly up and drink sitting next to the ex you now loathe. And not only do both parties have to emotionally move on, but someone has to physically break ties and move on, too. And, of course, everyone involved is too full of pride to think it doesn't have to be them. For me, it helps having been in relationships like this one in the past where too many drinks were had way too often and out comes the screaming match. It may take them a while, but I'm sure they'll work it out in the end as to who gets to stay and who has to leave. The constant reminder of failure and all the late-night heartache they used to make is going to be too much to handle. And there are always other bars to drink at and make new friends and enemies." — Blake Rainey

Photo Credit: Jeff Shipman

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LISTEN: Blake Rainey, 'Go Find Yourself Another Barroom'
LISTEN: Blake Rainey, 'Go Find Yourself Another Barroom'