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LISTEN: Cicada Rhythm, ‘Dirty Hound’

Oct 23, 2015

LISTEN: Cicada Rhythm, 'Dirty Hound'

Artist: Cicada Rhythm
Hometown: Athens, GA
Song: "Dirty Hound"
Album: Cicada Rhythm
Release Date: October 30
Label: Normaltown Records

In Their Words "'Dirty Hound' has that down-home, meat and potatoes rock feel which was something new for us in this band. We are constantly trying explore our sound. This tune surprisingly found its groove quick with the band, and is a lot of fun to play. I wrote this tune directly after seeing Houndmouth perform live in the pouring rain. I was really inspired by their performance. Tracking and mixing this album primarily on analog tape was a fun experience and also a interesting glimpse into how recording was done in the past." — Dave Kirslis

Photo credit: Evan Leavitt

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LISTEN: Cicada Rhythm, 'Dirty Hound'