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LISTEN: Colton Kayser, ‘Bad Guy’

Jun 27, 2016

LISTEN: Colton Kayser, 'Bad Guy'

Artist: Colton Kayser
Hometown: Monmouth Beach, NJ
Song: "Bad Guy"
Album: Place to Settle
Release Date: July 30

In Their Words: "This song started as a reaction to being shot down for a date. It evolved into something totally different by the time it got tracked. I think someone's insecurities can affect a relationship, and sometimes people blame their significant others for problems they didn't cause or even know about. This song is written from the viewpoint of someone who is dealing with this issue and trying to save a relationship. It's funny how someone's past tends to cause issues within their current relationship." — Colton Kayser

Photo credit: Andrew Holtz

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LISTEN: Colton Kayser, 'Bad Guy'