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LISTEN: Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins, ‘Faded’

Dec 21, 2016

Artist: Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins
Hometown: Austin, TX
Song: "Faded"
Album: Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins
Release Date: December 30
Label: The Star Apple Kingdom

In Their Words: "'Faded' corresponds to the 64th, or final, hexagram of the I Ching — I am writing these songs experientially, not sequentially, and that reading is: '64. Before Completion/ Not Yet Fulfilled.'

Strange, right? Logic would suggest that 'After Completion,' which is the 63rd hexagram, should wrap things up. But the I Ching states that disorder and chaos immediately follow 'After Completion,' and always precede '1. Creation,' where it all starts all over again. It's like moving out of a house, where you've had a life, and starting over in a new place. At first, everything's in boxes and you don't know where the light switches are." — Robert Harrison

Photo credit: Valerie Fremin

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