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LISTEN: Echo Bloom, ‘Another Rose Will Bloom for You’

Dec 14, 2015

Artist: Echo Bloom
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Song: "Another Rose Will Bloom for You"
Album: Red
Release Date: January 22
Label: Songs and Whispers

In Their Words: "My grandmother was a total badass — she was the first woman on the Fort Worth City Council in the '40s, and served in the Peace Corps in her 80s in Costa Rica. She used to tell me stories when I was little about frogs the size of soccer balls. She was an amazing, complicated woman, and she had this saying: 'Everything's always going to be all right; and, if it's not all right, it's just not done yet.' That's what 'Another Rose' is about — that feeling that things will be okay, even if they're not okay yet. 'All things that fall will one day true, another rose will bloom for you.'" — Kyle Evans

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