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LISTEN: Frontier Ruckus, “Clarkston Pasture”

Jan 9, 2024

LISTEN: Frontier Ruckus,

Artist: Frontier Ruckus
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Song: “Clarkston Pasture”
Album: On the Northline
Release Date: February 16, 2024
Label: Loose Music

In Their Words: “There’s a wonderful tension running through the songs on this album that marks a monumental faultline in my life. I wrote half the songs before I met and fell in love with my now-wife Lauren, and the rest in direct response to that life event – trying to make sense of how I got so lucky (see: “Mercury Sable” and “First Song for Lauren”).

“‘Clarkston Pasture’ was definitely in the former batch. It’s a dead-of-winter, lonesome-as-hell sort of song, where bachelorhood had lost its luster and I was fantasizing about a brighter future full of love and purpose. That’s why the verses are set in these dismally frigid, Michigan-winter landscapes: Cheering on a bar fight, turning off the furnace so as not to waste the warmth on just myself. Then the choruses flash to the glory of a Michigan summer – cruising through the towns on the northern edge of metro Detroit where the subdivisions start to dwindle and the fields start to open up. There aren’t many diametric opposites as stark as a Michigan winter and a Michigan summer, and that polarity turned out to be the perfect metaphor for how love changed my world.” – Matthew Milia

Photo Credit: John Mark Hanson

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LISTEN: Frontier Ruckus,
LISTEN: Frontier Ruckus,