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LISTEN: Hackensaw Boys, ‘Content Not Seeking Thrills (Ain’t You)’

Mar 30, 2016

LISTEN: Hackensaw Boys, 'Content Not Seeking Thrills (Ain't You)'

Artist: Hackensaw Boys
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Song: "Content Not Seeking Thrills (Ain't You)"
Album: Charismo
Release Date: April 15
Label: Free Dirt Records

In Their Words: "One specific instance that inspired the song was a time when I was dumpster diving behind a grocery store. A store employee opened the lid while I was inside and it startled both of us. He asked me to make sure I shut the lid when I left, and we both were really embarrassed. It sparked this idea of one being ashamed for digging through a dumpster — even when there's perfectly good food being thrown out — and how out of place that sense of shame is considering the quantity of food that's wasted every day in the world.

The line 'for me and my friends to quietly sift through' is a nod to that experience, but I suppose that feeds into bigger picture ideas in the song, as well. The overall theme is about the desire some people have to 'win' at all costs … to take everything and not give back anything. You can see and feel it all around us — in our personal relationships, in politics, and in the way we continue to ruin our natural environment." — David Sickmen

Photo credit: John Smith

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LISTEN: Hackensaw Boys, 'Content Not Seeking Thrills (Ain't You)'