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LISTEN: Harley Kimbro Lewis, “Creepin’ Charlie”

Feb 22, 2022

LISTEN: Harley Kimbro Lewis,

Artist: Harley Kimbro Lewis (Martin Harley, Daniel Kimbro and Sam Lewis)
Hometown: Hertfordshire (UK); Knoxville, Tenn.; Nashville
Song: “Creepin’ Charlie”
Album: Harley Kimbro Lewis
Release Date: February 22, 2022
Label: HKL Records

In Their Words: “Murder ballads are a common thread in folk music, especially here in Appalachia. This song is more of a suggestion that there might be some killing done. An old song I thought would never see the light of day that sprouted while weeding the wife’s garden…I was asking my wife why I couldn’t seem to get rid of two plants in particular, especially in the margins of the garden; between the sidewalk cracks and amongst the plants we intended to cultivate. She said, ‘That’s Creeping Charlie and Devil Vine.’ I grew up in a small town called Morristown, where news travels fast. For some reason my frustration while weeding manifested as a song about a brokenhearted man tending to his own unrequited love.” — Daniel Kimbro

Photo Credit: Harley Kimbro Lewis

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LISTEN: Harley Kimbro Lewis,
LISTEN: Harley Kimbro Lewis,