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LISTEN: Jeff Crosby, ‘Best $25 I Ever Spent’

Oct 2, 2017

LISTEN: Jeff Crosby, 'Best $25 I Ever Spent'

Artist: Jeff Crosby
Hometown: Nashville TN
Song: “Best $25 I Ever Spent”
Album: Postcards from Magdalena
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Label: At the Helm
In Their Words: “This song was written in a little town called Taganga outside of Santa Marta in Colombia. I was on a trip with a girlfriend, and we hit the town one evening, went out to dinner, drinks, dancing, and ended up skinny dipping in the Caribbean at 4 am. I then confessed my undying love for her with no pants on on the beach. Woke up the next morning and checked my wallet to realize I’d only spent $25 on the whole night. Started my journal entry with ‘That was the best $25 I ever spent,’ and then wrote the song later that day.” — Jeff Crosby

Photo credit: Cary Judd

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LISTEN: Jeff Crosby, 'Best $25 I Ever Spent'