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LISTEN: Jeremiah Daly, ‘My Darlin’ Rose’

Oct 19, 2015

LISTEN: Jeremiah Daly, 'My Darlin' Rose'

Artist: Jeremiah Daly
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Song: ”My Darlin' Rose"
Album: The Darkness Will Be Over Soon
Release Date: November 13

In Their Words: "I wrote 'My Darlin' Rose' in a total of 20 minutes. I was staring at a painting of a rose a girl had given me, and wrote this song about her. Growing up, my entire family played old country music whenever we got together, so writing it felt like a tribute to my roots." — Jeremiah Daly

Instructions: Grab your sweetheart and sing along.

Photo credit: Jonathan Kemp

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LISTEN: Jeremiah Daly, 'My Darlin' Rose'
LISTEN: Jeremiah Daly, 'My Darlin' Rose'
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