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LISTEN: Jill Andrews, “Dark Days”

Mar 24, 2023

LISTEN: Jill Andrews,

Artist: Jill Andrews
Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee
Song: “Dark Days”
Label: Vulture Vulture/Tone Tree Music

In Their Words: “Often when I’m confronted with something painful in a relationship, I go into self-protection mode where I hide instead of face the issue at hand. I wrote this song about a specific circumstance where this reaction of mine felt like abandonment to the other person and sent us off into different corners, each feeling alone and misunderstood. This song is my way of trying to revise history and make amends with it. It’s also a promise that I will always try to walk alongside him even on his hardest days. Over the past few years when I’d sit down to write, old memories would flood in, distant smells and visions. At first I dismissed them but they kept coming day after day. Eventually my writing sessions became more of a meditation, with me sitting quietly on the couch listening for ideas flowing from some seemingly magical and unconscious place. I am so excited to be releasing new music this year, stay tuned for much more.” — Jill Andrews

Photo Credit: Fairlight Hubbard

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LISTEN: Jill Andrews,
LISTEN: Jill Andrews,