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LISTEN: Kim Lenz, “Pine Me”

Jan 9, 2019

LISTEN: Kim Lenz,

Artist: Kim Lenz
Hometown: San Diego, California
Song: “Pine Me”
Album: Slowly Speeding
Release Date: February 22, 2019
Label: Blue Star Record Co.

In Their Words: “This song is an answer song to a murder ballad. Murder ballads and answer songs have a long history in American music, both blues and country. I’ve wanted to write a murder ballad for a long time but the storyline is usually quite simple – -the girl gets murdered down by the river. In this song, the girl has indeed been murdered down by the river, and now she is ‘answering’ him. She’s haunting him to come find her, mind her, and do the right thing and take her body to her mother’s house. And in the end, the act he committed will haunt him ’til he dies.” — Kim Lenz

Photo credit: Joseph Cultice

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LISTEN: Kim Lenz,
LISTEN: Kim Lenz,