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LISTEN: Lew Card, ‘Baby Won’t Ya’

Nov 30, 2015

LISTEN: Lew Card, 'Baby Won't Ya'

Artist: Lew Card
Hometown: Austin, TX via Chattanooga TN
Song: "Baby Won't Ya"
Album: Follow Me Down
Release Date: January 8
Label: Monomer Recording Company

In Their Words: "This little ditty was one of the first new songs I wrote for Follow Me Down — and it holds the line to the title of the record. Musically, it's a play on any of the countless blues songs that influenced me, but with a little bit of swampy funk thrown in. I really wanted it to be something simple that you could dance to.

Lyrically, I feel that everyone can relate to any one of the verses, in some way. The line 'Baby, won't you follow me down. Seems like every time I think I'm going up, turns out, I'm just fooling myself' — it really describes all of my friends over 35. Nobody really has a hold on getting older, and we're all just trying to get a little piece of the action by filling in the in-between." — Lew Card

Photo credit: Felicia Graham

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LISTEN: Lew Card, 'Baby Won't Ya'
LISTEN: Lew Card, 'Baby Won't Ya'
LISTEN: Lew Card, 'Baby Won't Ya'
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