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LISTEN: Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road, “Crooked As You Go”

Aug 28, 2023

LISTEN: Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road,

Artist: Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road
Hometown: Deep Gap, North Carolina
Song: “Crooked As You Go”
Album: Crooked As You Go
Release Date: September 1, 2023 (single)

In Their Words: “‘Crooked As You Go’ is a lively song with its musical roots in the fiddle tune tradition we grew up in. The lyrics outline a simple truth learned in early adulthood, that life is neither straightforward nor predictable. It’s not a journey in a straight line, rather a crooked path filled with twists and turns. As touring musicians, we can all relate to this through the eyes of the industry we operate in, but the implication rings true for many folks in many different situations. In the end, these unexpected adventures, trials, and sidetracks are often the most beautiful parts of the journey as one reflects on the path that led them to the present moment.” – Liam Purcell

Photo Credit: Craig Etchison

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LISTEN: Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road,