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LISTEN: Lillian Leadbetter, “Doesn’t Hurt”

Sep 21, 2023

LISTEN: Lillian Leadbetter,

Artist: Lillian Leadbetter
Hometown: Lincoln, Vermont
Song: “Doesn’t Hurt”
Album: State of Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2023 (single); October 13, 2023 (album)

In Their Words: “‘Doesn’t Hurt’ exists in a world of suspended disbelief. Snowed into my childhood home in early February with just myself and a teething puppy, I lay in bed, reminiscing. As my brain drifted from my cold bed in the hills of snowy Vermont, I recalled warmer days, warmer arms, love that had slipped through my fingers, love I knew wouldn’t last. Those vignettes kept me warm, moments and people who told white lies to preserve a state of romance. ‘Doesn’t Hurt’ is an internal song, sung to honor all the moments I bit my tongue instead of admitting the end, choosing instead to revel in the impermanence of love one last time.” – Lillian Leadbetter

Photo Credit: Katyayani Krishnan

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LISTEN: Lillian Leadbetter,
LISTEN: Lillian Leadbetter,