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LISTEN: Mike Block, “Walls of Time”

Nov 8, 2019

LISTEN: Mike Block,

Artist: Mike Block
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas.
Song: “Walls of Time & Glory in the Meeting House”
Album: Walls of Time
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Label: Bright Shiny Things

In Their Words: “I really enjoyed mashing this bluegrass song up with an old-time fiddle tune. We used sections of the fiddle tune to replace the improvisational breaks in the bluegrass song, and Bruce Molsky even used a special instrument with sympathetic strings to capture an otherworldly sound. He also detuned to play in a different key than usual. My favorite aspect of the arrangement was getting the harmony vocals to toggle back-and-forth between major and minor in the choruses. We tried to give it a dramatic arc by massively re-harmonizing the final chorus before kicking up the tempo for the final fuddle tune break. I hope everyone enjoys this unique approach!” — Mike Block

Photo credit: Michelle Gendreau

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LISTEN: Mike Block,
LISTEN: Mike Block,