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LISTEN: Nels Andrews, “Table by the Kitchen”

Aug 5, 2019

LISTEN: Nels Andrews,

Artist: Nels Andrews
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Song: “Table by the Kitchen”
Album: Pigeon & The Crow
Release Date: August 9, 2019

In Their Words: “This song is about a type of FOMO (fear of missing out), as we’re bombarded with the certainty that everyone else’s ‘perfectly curated’ life has all the things that our lives are missing. While there have always been observers in a crowd, this phenomenon has impacted most of us, feeding our insecurities and multiplying our impossible wishes. The song, while upbeat, showcases themes from the album, like how we juggle our relationship with youth (and with aging); it’s also about the impact of youth culture, as it is sweet-filtered onto our small screens, and it is considered a nod to the ever-youthful Peter Pan who misses out on other things by staying young. The song also has a Murphy Bed in it, which I’ve been wanting to get into one of my songs for years. I love the little piano riff Stelth Ulvang added from the funky upright he kept in the garage when he was living in Santa Cruz in between Lumineers tours.” — Nels Andrews

Photo credit: Bradley Cox

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LISTEN: Nels Andrews,
LISTEN: Nels Andrews,