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LISTEN: Peter Himmelman, “Truth Proffered in a Hard Time”

Jul 30, 2020

LISTEN: Peter Himmelman,

Artist: Peter Himmelman
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Song: “Truth Proffered in a Hard Time”
Album: Press On
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Label: Himmasongs/Six Degrees

In Their Words: “I wrote this just before dinner. I knew my wife was going to be waiting for me in about twenty minutes, therefore I had exactly seventeen minutes to get something down and another three to get back in the house. It would seem that kind of pressure might inhibit the birth of a song, particularly one like this, which is so inherently strange. But sometimes it’s quite the opposite. The time limit often pushes aside the intellect and allows the — whatever you might call it: the subconscious mind, the dreamer’s mind — to take over. I got it all done in that short space, even the melody that comes after each verse. I think we had rice, black beans, and fried eggs that night.” — Peter Himmelman

Photo credit: Jim Vasquez

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LISTEN: Peter Himmelman,
LISTEN: Peter Himmelman,