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LISTEN: Railroad Earth, “It’s So Good”

Apr 15, 2022

LISTEN: Railroad Earth,

Artist: Railroad Earth
Hometown: Formed in Stillwater, New Jersey
Song: “It’s So Good”
Album: All for the Song
Release Date: April 22, 2022

In Their Words: “‘It’s So Good’ is a song about the celebration of reuniting, coming together with friends, and surviving what happens in between. It’s also about what happens on the way to those reunions. Specifically for us, we like to say we get paid to travel, because the shows are too much fun to call a job. Getting to the gigs are often an adventure, and not always fun. Everyone can relate and has their own version of this experience, and perhaps without the struggle the rest wouldn’t mean as much. ‘It’s So Good’ was written and recorded before Covid, and obviously reflecting on the joy of seeing everyone again carries more meaning now.” — Carey Harmon, Railroad Earth

Photo Credit: Liina Raud

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LISTEN: Railroad Earth,
LISTEN: Railroad Earth,