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LISTEN: Sarah Morris, “The Longest Night”

May 4, 2023

LISTEN: Sarah Morris,

Artist: Sarah Morris
Hometown: Shoreview, Minnesota
Song: “The Longest Night”
Album: Here’s to You
Release Date: May 5, 2023

In Their Words: “‘The Longest Night’ is the last song we recorded for the album. Written over the ending days of 2020, and the first few moments of 2021, I was circling around a wave of realization of how much had changed; how much we had lost over the past year. We had just journeyed through the holidays, and the solstice. I liked the idea that we had possibly reached our darkest day and were now heading toward the light.

“In our local music community, among the many profound losses, one of our friends became ill and eventually passed. She was diagnosed almost in tandem with the pandemic hitting, but weeks before that, she’d released a new album. She’d been at my house, singing a song for my YouTube series. I kept thinking about how much I didn’t know at that moment we were singing together. About how often that happens to us — the not knowing.

“We went into RiverRock Studios on my birthday to record this track — producer Dave Mehling, guitarist Thomas Nordlund, and myself — and we recorded it live. After sitting with the recording, Dave asked bandmates Lars-Erik Larson and Andrew Foreman to add drums and bass — not the most traditional path to a band recording, but Lars and Andrew know my music so well, I think they added the just-right pieces.” — Sarah Morris

Photo Credit: Emily Isakson

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LISTEN: Sarah Morris,
LISTEN: Sarah Morris,