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LISTEN: Sweetlove, “Things I Didn’t Say”

Mar 23, 2021

LISTEN: Sweetlove,

Artist: Sweetlove
Hometown: Currently based in Los Angeles. Originally from Simi Valley, California
Song: “Things I Didn’t Say”
Album: Goodnight, Lover
Release Date: March 26, 2021

In Their Words: “‘Things I Didn’t Say’ is a very personal song for me, full of ache, and when I wrote it I was reeling after the suicide of a longtime love of mine, and the only thing that brought me some comfort was writing songs. I wrote it on a rainy day in Silver Lake with the wonderful Stolar and Evangelia. Evangelia came in with the opening line, ‘I took off my makeup, and took on the madness,’ and it really resonated with me, so we wrote this mournful, stripped-down song about all of the things you can’t say anymore to the person you’ve lost, and how you struggle for a place to put those things for a long time. The end of the song has this beautiful outro piece, almost like a wave of love to send David off, into a place where he would always be at peace, and I will be forever comforted by the fact that his spirit is free, and that I was fortunate enough to know him and love him my whole life. If you are reading this piece and are struggling and in despair, I beg of you to hold on, to reach out, to get help — I promise you there is more love around you than you know, more hope than your pain lets you see.” — Sweetlove

Photo credit: Anna Azarov

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LISTEN: Sweetlove,
LISTEN: Sweetlove,