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LISTEN: Terri Hendrix, “I Hear Your Song”

Sep 5, 2019

LISTEN: Terri Hendrix,

Artist: Terri Hendrix
Hometown: San Marcos, Texas
Song: “I Hear Your Song”
Album: Talk to a Human
Release Date: September 6, 2019

In Their Words: “I first got this idea for ‘I Hear Your Song’ after seeing the animated film Happy Feet. The movie is about the importance of discovering one’s own ‘heart song,’ to attract true love and happiness. But when when Lloyd Maines lost his mother, it took a darker tone. I wrote the chorus for him. I wanted her back. She was a light on this planet and I missed her, too. I finished the verse ‘we see things we can’t unsee’ after I lost my sister. I wanted my last image of her to be of her smiling. If you’ve lost someone, you know what I mean.

“The song is sweet on record, but all in all the subject matter was pretty heartbreaking at that time. Still is. Because of epilepsy, I need someone to drive me from time to time. That’s the verse where someone will ‘take the wheel.’ In the end, I wanted someone to hear my song. And I wanted to listen to theirs. To connect through the shared experience of profound loss. And heal.” — Terri Hendrix

Photo Credit: Kim Maguire

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LISTEN: Terri Hendrix,
LISTEN: Terri Hendrix,