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LISTEN: The Chuck Wagon Gang, “I Will Not Cry Today”

Jun 28, 2023

LISTEN: The Chuck Wagon Gang,

Artist: The Chuck Wagon Gang
Hometown: The current members are pretty scattered, but The Chuck Wagon Gang originated in Fort Worth, Texas
Song: “I Will Not Cry Today”
Album: Come Go With Me
Release Date: June 30, 2023
Label: Mountain Home Music Company

In Their Words: “Our main focus for this Chuck Wagon Gang recording was to find new songs. We had received several from writer Tami Pockstellar, who had written ‘Two Gardens’ from our previous project. Tami’s lyrics and melodies capture the freshness we were searching for, and ‘I Will Not Cry Today’ is a perfect example. It was challenging but fun to add this exciting bluegrass-styled song. I really believe these lyrics will be uplifting to listeners because they encourage us to keep pressing on, no matter the situation we find ourselves in.” – Shaye Smith, The Chuck Wagon Gang

“’I Will Not Cry Today’ was a great opportunity to feature The Chuck Wagon Gang as a trio and bring in some bluegrass-styled accompaniment, which the group wanted to feature on this album. The bluegrass world has always had a kinship with the music of the original Chuck Wagon Gang and it was special to be able to blend the two worlds together on this new song for the Gang.” – Jeremy Stephensproducer

Photo Credit: Jared Pyfer

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LISTEN: The Chuck Wagon Gang,