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LISTEN: The Coffis Brothers, ‘You and Me’

Jul 24, 2017

LISTEN: The Coffis Brothers, 'You and Me'

Artist: The Coffis Brothers
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Song: “You and Me”
Album: Roll with It
Release Date: Fall 2017

In Their Words: “This song felt good the first time we played it, back when we were recording demos in Bass Lake. The melody, the groove, the arrangement … it didn’t take much work. It’s a song about being alright with what you’ve already got, but also being hopeful about what’s ahead. I hope it’s relatable on a few different levels. Beyond that, it’s sung in two-part harmony for a majority of the song which is something my brother and I love doing. It’s a lucky thing to get to sing with your brother. There’s nothing else like it.” — Kellen Coffis

Photo credit: Connor Qunto

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LISTEN: The Coffis Brothers, 'You and Me'
LISTEN: The Coffis Brothers, 'You and Me'
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