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LISTEN: The Lonely Heartstring Band, ‘Graceland’

May 25, 2016

LISTEN: The Lonely Heartstring Band, 'Graceland'

Artist: The Lonely Heartstring Band
Hometown: Boston, MA
Song: "Graceland"
Album: Deep Waters
Release Date: June 3
Label: Rounder Records

In Their Words: “'Graceland,' as a song and a record, has been important to all of us for a long time. Our admiration for Paul Simon predates the Lonely Heartstring Band’s existence and, early on, 'Graceland' was an obvious choice for an LHB cover. Working it up was a collective lesson in texture, rhythm, and dynamics, and glimmers of 'Graceland' have worked their way into the band’s original song arrangements. Recording this song felt natural and easy, as it’s been a staple in our set for a few years, and I think the recording managed to capture the groove and joy we feel every time we play it.” — Patrick M'Gonigle

Photo credit: Kelly Davidson

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LISTEN: The Lonely Heartstring Band, 'Graceland'