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LISTEN: Trout Steak Revival, ‘Take Heart’

Oct 25, 2017

LISTEN: Trout Steak Revival, 'Take Heart'

Artist: Trout Steak Revival
Hometown: Denver, CO
Song: “Take Heart”
Album: Spirit to the Sea
Release Date: November 3, 2017

In Their Words: “I wrote it as a letter to my grandfather — about my grandmother and remembering her funeral in Anamosa, Iowa. He couldn’t say her name for years without crying. This song has become a chance to explore our connection with the spiritual world and to the feminine. Maybe it’s better explained by someone else — the quote that began all of it for me was from William Faulkner: ‘The past isn’t dead. It’s not even past.'” — Travis McNamara

Photo credit: Scott McCormick

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LISTEN: Trout Steak Revival, 'Take Heart'
LISTEN: Trout Steak Revival, 'Take Heart'