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LISTEN: Yves Lambert Trio, ‘Karabin’

Jun 10, 2016

LISTEN: Yves Lambert Trio, 'Karabin'

Artist: Yves Lambert Trio
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Song: "Karabin"
Album: Laissez courir les chiens
Release Date: June 24
Label: La Pruche Libre

In Their Words: "'Karabin’ is the name of a dog, and the dog is a metaphor to express our servitude. In an era where everything is regulated, formatted, and standardized, the dog is faithful, but is still captive, just like the exploited citizens manipulated at the service of industrial totalitarianism.” — Yves Lambert

Photo credit: Josue Bertolino

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LISTEN: Yves Lambert Trio, 'Karabin'
LISTEN: Yves Lambert Trio, 'Karabin'
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