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MIXTAPE: Sara Watkins

Jun 1, 2013

MIXTAPE: Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins is a very busy lady.  Between her new solo album (Sun Midnight Sun, available here), extensive touring schedule (she recently wrapped a tour with Dawes, and is currently opening for Jackson Browne), and monthly appearances with brother Sean Watkins on the Largo stage for the Watkins Family Hour (which can now be heard everywhere via the WFH Podcast on Nerdist), the former Nickel Creek fiddle player has had quite a year and is showing no signs of stopping.  Fortunately for The Sitch, Sara sent us the songs she can’t stop listening to for this month’s Mixtape

ARTIST:  Nina Simone
TRACK:  Be My Husband 
ALBUM:  Pastel Blues

‘I came across this song recently and I can’t get enough of it. Nina holds the grove, the movement and gut of the song in her claps and voice. When a performer can contain both of those aspects all in their self, it can be very compelling. And Nina Simone is certainly compelling here.’


ARTIST:  Shara Worden
TRACK:  We Added It Up
ALBUM:  All Things Will Unwind

‘I saw Shara perform in New York for the first time a couple years ago.  She only sang one song that night, but I was really excited by her charged right out that night with the band The Decemberists. She is a smart and playful composer and arranger.  I’m very glad she does what she does. It is inspiring to me.’


ARTIST:  Fleetwood Mac
TRACK:  What Makes You think You’re the One
ALBUM:  Tusk

‘I listened to this song everyday for a month while working on a record.  I had never heard that sort of bombastic drumming before. Unpredictable, each hit on the drum kit sounds more like an uncontrollable reflex than a part with any sort of forethought.  I took this sort of drumming to heart when making this new record.’


ARTIST:  Bobby Hicks
TRACK:  Maiden’s Prayer

‘I love this waltz.  My friend Jenny Anne played it at my wedding when I danced with my dad.  Nobody plays this beautiful melody like Bobby Hicks.  Nobody.’

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MIXTAPE: Sara Watkins
MIXTAPE: Sara Watkins