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Promised Land Sound, ‘Otherworldly Pleasures’

Jan 18, 2017

Promised Land Sound, 'Otherworldly Pleasures'

Nashville outfit Promised Land Sound flew under the radar with their 2013 self-titled record, but it's not too late to catch up on their loose, twangy brand of rock. Their forthcoming For Use and Delight expands on the group's already excellent foundation, and the first peek at the record via "Otherwordly Pleasures" is tantalizing. The song conjures the best parts of Southern rock and country, but Promised Land Sound adds a grittier edge that separates them from the flood of wishy-washy, too-pristine pop country. "Otherworldly Pleasures," frontman Joe Scala explains, reflects on the struggle of squaring your hopes and dreams with the reality of everyday life.

"'Otherworldly Pleasures' is a metaphysical love song about an unrecognizable but familiar person who only appears in your dreams. It is about obsessing over finding 'the one' so much that they can only exist within your dreams, about balancing life and love within your dreams with life and love in reality," he says.

The song slinks along, settling into a good groove before lifting off with plenty of oohs and crunchy guitar riffs that make the song a pleasure indeed. 

You can grab For Use and Delight via Paradise of Bachelors on October 2.

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Promised Land Sound, 'Otherworldly Pleasures'
Promised Land Sound, 'Otherworldly Pleasures'