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Root 66: Travis Linville’s Roadside Favorites

Feb 8, 2017

Root 66: Travis Linville's Roadside Favorites

Name: Travis Linville
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Latest Project: Up Ahead

BBQ: Arthur Bryant’s — Kansas City. The real deal in KC bbq.

Truck Stop: Clines Corners — New Mexico. You have to stop at Clines or you might run out of gas. Also rattlesnake paraphernalia.

Coffeehouse: Barista Parlor — Nashville, TN. I’m cool with Waffle House coffee, but if I wanna get in touch with my inner coffee snob, Barista Parlor does it well.



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Dive Bar: White Water Tavern — Little Rock, AR. Dive bars don’t get any better than this one.

Record Store: Garageland — Spokane, WA. Micro record store/bar/food/vintage arcade.

Book Store: Square Books — Oxford, MS. I love the town squares! Oxford is one of my faves. Also, books are sometimes square.

Guitar Shop: Carter Vintage Guitars — Nashville, TN. Every time I visit this place, I am thankful I don’t have any money.

House Concert: Wyldwood — Austin, TX. Best setup. Beautiful place. Great hosts. And it’s 75 in December.

Backstage Hang: Saturn — Birmingham, AL. I can’t even … I once played a show there and didn’t leave the green room for three months.

Airport: Denver International. Rockies on approach. And I like the piano riff as the train doors close.

Highway Stretch: Highway 1 Vancouver to Calgary, if I’m not driving. If I am driving, then it’s I-80 from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne.

Car Game: “How Tall Is That Tower?” Self-explanatory gambling game. I use an aviation obstacles app to find exact heights, after the bets are in.

Driving Album: Love and Theft — Bob Dylan

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Root 66: Travis Linville's Roadside Favorites
Root 66: Travis Linville's Roadside Favorites
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