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STREAM: Eddie Berman, ‘Before the Bridge’

Aug 31, 2017

STREAM: Eddie Berman, 'Before the Bridge'

Artist: Eddie Berman
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Album: Before the Bridge
Release Date: September 1, 2017
Label: Nettwerk

In Their Words: β€œBefore the Bridge was written and recorded in the time between getting married and the birth of our first child, Bridget. This specific period forced us into a really focused introspection about the prospect of creating a life, and then how and where we’d try to make a home for ourselves in an increasingly inhospitable world. No matter where you live there are structures in place that try, insidiously, to dictate what your value system should be, and these songs are (partly, at least) meant to be a kind of reminder, to myself, to reject them.” — Eddie Berman

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STREAM: Eddie Berman, 'Before the Bridge'
STREAM: Eddie Berman, 'Before the Bridge'