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STREAM: Kate Vargas, ‘Strangeclaw’

Sep 12, 2016

STREAM: Kate Vargas, 'Strangeclaw'

Artist: Kate Vargas
Hometown: New York City
Album: Strangeclaw
Release Date: September 13

In Their Words: "Picture yourself walking through the desert, miles and miles of dirt and tumbleweeds that stretch straight out to what looks like the edge of the earth. You’re ambling along and you spot something there, sticking out of the dry ground. You pick it up and dust it off. It’s a strange claw of some sort. Where did it come from? Why is it here? Your mind creates curious, sinuous scenarios, so delightfully odd that you can’t help but lean into them. That’s the goal of this album." — Kate Vargas

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STREAM: Kate Vargas, 'Strangeclaw'
STREAM: Kate Vargas, 'Strangeclaw'