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STREAM: Mike Thomas, ‘Diamonds’

Jul 19, 2023

STREAM: Mike Thomas, 'Diamonds'

Artist: Mike Thomas
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee (originally from Knoxville, Tennessee)
Album: Diamonds
Release Date: July 21, 2023
Label: Electric 3 Records

In Their Words: “After essentially giving up on music around 2006, I released my debut LP, Three Reasons, in the middle of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Talk about poor timing! We couldn’t tour or even play shows locally, and, despite having hardly any budget for promotion, the album did quite well. Folks bought the records, and in time, the album gained more than half a million streams. I was blown away that this collection of old songs that I’d been carrying around for more than a decade seemed to resonate with listeners. This was the catalyst that prompted me to begin writing songs again. It was the spark I needed to begin believing that even though I wasn’t part of the Nashville hit-making machine, I was still a songwriter in my own right with something worthwhile to say.

“So while Diamonds is my second record, in many ways it feels like my first. With Diamonds, I set out to write an album. I carved out time, usually in the early morning hours, and I wrote with intentionality and purpose. I began to explore themes that are often uncomfortable and deeply personal, yet simultaneously universal. Tres Sasser, my producer, and I pursued those themes in the studio with our instrumentation and arrangements. In the end, I think we have an album that reveals my varied musical and lyrical influences while still maintaining a sense of continuity throughout. I wrote this album for the listeners who ultimately convinced me to begin writing songs again, and I am hopeful that this record helps send a few more listeners my way.” – Mike Thomas

Photo Credit: Jeremy Harris

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STREAM: Mike Thomas, 'Diamonds'
STREAM: Mike Thomas, 'Diamonds'