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STREAM: Rebekah Rolland, ‘Seed & Silo’

Jul 16, 2018

STREAM: Rebekah Rolland, 'Seed & Silo'

Artist: Rebekah Rolland
Location: Tuscon, AZ
Album: Seed & Silo
Release Date: July 20, 2018

In Their Words: “I wanted to convey the vivid and intimate situations that we all experience. They’re the memories of people, places, and events that — for whatever reason — carry us through the years. It struck me that most of these things seem insignificant and, yet, they’ve affected us in really powerful ways.” — Rebekah Rolland

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STREAM: Rebekah Rolland, 'Seed & Silo'
STREAM: Rebekah Rolland, 'Seed & Silo'
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