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STREAM: The Wooks, ‘Little Circles’

Sep 21, 2016

STREAM: The Wooks, 'Little Circles'

Artist: The Wooks
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Album: Little Circles
Release Date: September 23
Label: Gnar Vector

In Their Words:  "Bringing a song into the context of the band and allowing for something personal to take on so much more life because of the energies and influences of the other members is dynamic and something rarely experienced in daily life outside of music. Working the melodies and lyrics into songs, feeling the growth of relationships, and hearing the final product has been exciting and challenging, but most importantly very rewarding." — Arthur Hancock (banjo)

"For the most part, this record really feels reflective of our lives, as well as the music that has influenced us. Lyrically, the stories told are mostly real bits and pieces of our experiences, Kentucky, and the people and places here — whether that's worrying about a friend who might be living too hard, appreciating a beautiful day outside, talking yourself out of the blues, making time for the people you love amidst other demands, or chasing love. It's our real life and it's a real good one, and we have always wanted that to come through in our music. There's a sense of responsibility to those who came before us, those who have influenced us, and those who surround us right now to reflect a sense of place and time." — CJ Cain (guitar)

Cover art: John Lackey

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STREAM: The Wooks, 'Little Circles'
STREAM: The Wooks, 'Little Circles'