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The String – Becca Stevens

Jul 14, 2020

The String – Becca Stevens

Just beyond the fuzzy boundaries of roots and Americana music, we find Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Becca Stevens – at least, we hope you have found her. With a complex musical language drawn from folk, jazz, classical, and pop, her output is searching, challenging, and ever-evolving.


A graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts and the New School in New York, Stevens leaps from American public radio to European tours to collaborations with the likes of Jacob Collier, Snarky Puppy, and recently folk icon David Crosby. She is among host Craig Havighurt’s favorite artists working today, so he sought out an interview and was excited and loaded with questions when she said yes. Her newest album is the shiny and electric Wonderbloom.

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The String – Becca Stevens
The String – Becca Stevens
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