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WATCH: Alela Diane, “Paloma” (Official Live Session)

Oct 4, 2022

WATCH: Alela Diane,

Artist: Alela Diane
Hometown: Nevada City, California; now Portland, Oregon
Song: “Paloma”
Album: Looking Glass (produced by Tucker Martine)
Release Date: October 14, 2022

In Their Words: “I wrote Paloma down in Mexico after a violent thunderstorm one night. It is a reckoning of sorts about the volatility of the systems we build and the knowledge that nature always gets the last word, especially as climate change continues to bring extreme weather events to our planet. After the last few years, nothing is surprising anymore, the rug was pulled out from under everyone. The refrain of ‘Paloma’ muses on that idea of the unexpected becoming not all that surprising anymore as I sing ‘In the black of night, I wouldn’t be taken aback if the water came up and swept us out to sea / In the black of night, I wouldn’t be taken aback if the sun gave up and never brought the day.’ It is a deep surrender to being along for the wild ride that is this time on earth. In the film, I perform in the historic pantry of our 1892 Victorian in Portland, Oregon, and I play my 1972 Martin 000-18.” — Alena Diane

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WATCH: Alela Diane,
WATCH: Alela Diane,