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WATCH: Anna Tivel, “Outsiders”

Jun 6, 2022

WATCH: Anna Tivel,

Artist: Anna Tivel
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Song: “Outsiders”
Album: Outsiders
Release Date: August 19, 2022
Label: Mama Bird Recording Co.

In Their Words: “I wrote ‘Outsiders’ sitting on the floor in front of the TV between fragments of the Apollo 11 documentary. The news was feeling especially dark, full of pain and distorted truths, and watching all that beautiful footage from the ‘69 moon landing hit me right in the gut. For just that one moment in a time of great upheaval, it seemed like everyone paused to look up in wonder at something incredible that humankind was able to achieve for the very first time. When I listened back to the way the song was recorded, all raw and live-to-tape in a circle of good friends, it made me feel weightless and free and I wanted to capture that emotion in video form. I found a cheap old trampoline on craigslist and sewed these ridiculous fluttery red pants with visions of slow-motion flying up high enough to look back from a great distance at the whole strugglesome and stunning thing. Music is so visceral and sensory to me, tastes and images and movement, but I’ve never had the camera know-how or means to bring that dreamworld into being.” — Anna Tivel

Photo Credit: Vincent Bancheri

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WATCH: Anna Tivel,
WATCH: Anna Tivel,