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WATCH: Anna Tivel’s Tender, Heartfelt Tiny Desk Concert

May 22, 2023

Singer-songwriter and musical storyteller Anna Tivel recently stopped by NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., to perform at the iconic Tiny Desk. Supported by drummer Micah Hummel and Galen Clark on keys, her four-song set showcases her empathetic, tender, and heartfelt style that runs through her entire 2022 release, Outsiders. But her performances are anything but one-note, she teases nuance from each number and complicates the stories within them through emotion and passion and, at times, a beautiful understated tension. The team at NPR Music puts it aptly: “Tivel’s remarkable empathy elevates her folk-based, jazz-touched compositions from mere stories to secular prayers.”

Enjoy Anna Tivel’s Tiny Desk Concert right here, on BGS.


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WATCH: Anna Tivel's Tender, Heartfelt Tiny Desk Concert