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WATCH: Deb Morrison, “Blackbird”

Aug 17, 2022

WATCH: Deb Morrison,

Artist: Deb Morrison
Hometown: Altadena, California
Song: “Blackbird”
Album: The North Fork
Release Date: September 9, 2022
Label: Blackbird Record Label

In Their Words: “The song started out as a track my buddy Nic Capelle wrote as the music bed for my Prickly Pear Americana Music video promos. I always loved the primal beat and cinematic feel of the music and I knew someday we would do something filmic with it. I would put the track on whenever I was on a trail run and needed that extra push to get up a hill, or keep my pace steady. It always gave me a feeling of running from something, but facing it simultaneously. Two of my very good friends were fighting for their lives at the time and it was their unrelenting strength that inspired the lyrics. It’s about looking death in the face, fighting it, and winning. It’s about being a warrior.

“The line ‘I see a blackbird comin’ for me…’ started it all. I knew we had to shoot it outside in nature’s elements and that it had to feel ominous, strong and beautiful at the same time. The basic underlying concept being that we all know it’s comin’ for us, but I’m gonna fight you with all I got. It’s about facing your own demise with a big ol’ middle finger. We got our creative juices flowing with this conversation during a long road trip. I made a few calls from the car, and by the next morning we were out filming rogue with a cast of characters.” — Deb Morrison

Photo Credit: Anna Azarov

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WATCH: Deb Morrison,
WATCH: Deb Morrison,