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WATCH: Dietrich Strause, “Out of Mind”

Mar 16, 2022

WATCH: Dietrich Strause,

Artist: Dietrich Strause
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts / London, UK
Song: “Out of Mind”
Album: You and I Must Be Out of My Mind
Release Date: April 29, 2022
Label: Blueblade Records

In Their Words: “‘Out of Mind’ was the the last song I wrote for my new album, You and I Must Be Out Of My Mind, and it became the artistic center for the project. The track went down easy, spacious, and free. Co-produced by Brian Joseph, Shane Leonard, Sam Kassirer and myself, it captured a feeling I have been struggling to express in a song. I have come to see songwriting as a potentially dangerous personal endeavor. Like walking along a beautiful mountain path with a sheer drop on one side. Through songs I have the power to create icons, symbols, and myths about my experience and point of view over the years. I paint a picture that I find alluring. I worry through singing them night after night, that I might start to believe them and see the painting as real. I worry because what ends up in a song comes from that space between my best recollections and my best rhymes. If a detail from my memory doesn’t fit, I can change it until it does and sounds good. My experience of the world and the people around me is far more complex, and I don’t want to live inside myself in such a way.

“Sam Kassirer and I made the video together. He shot the film on a Super 8 camera, capturing the footage at the recording studio where we made the album.” — Dietrich Strause

Photo Credit: Sam Kassirer

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WATCH: Dietrich Strause,
WATCH: Dietrich Strause,