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WATCH: Distant Cousins‚Äč, ‘For a Moment’

Nov 3, 2015

WATCH: Distant Cousins‚Äč, 'For a Moment'

Artist:‚Äč Distant Cousins‚Äč
Hometown:‚Äč Los Angeles‚Äč, CA
Song:‚Äč "For a Moment‚Äč"
Album:‚Äč Distant Cousins‚Äč
Release Date:‚Äč October 16‚Äč
Label:‚Äč Family First Records‚Äč

In Their Words: "The recording of this song was something special for us. We usually track everything ourselves out of our backhouse studio, but for this type of intimate song, we wanted to record it live and just be the band at its purest. We went to New Monkey studio, where Elliott Smith recorded a lot, and we truly felt his energy in the room with us. We're grateful that some magic was captured that day." — Dov Rosenblatt


Photo credit:‚Äč Jon Danovic‚Äč

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WATCH: Distant Cousins‚Äč, 'For a Moment'
WATCH: Distant Cousins‚Äč, 'For a Moment'