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Roots Culture Redefined

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WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
Video PremiereFeb 13, 2024

Artist: Ben Sollee Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky Song: "Only Love" Release Date: February 13, 2023 In Their Words: "John Prine had a knack for folding mantras in to his songs. This song has a message that resonates deeply with my journey as a creative, father, and husband [and] that is so needed in this fitful world. 'When…

WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
Video PremiereFeb 6, 2024

Artist: Gangstagrass Hometown: All over the USA! Rench: Brooklyn with Oklahoma roots; Dolio the Sleuth: Pensacola, Florida; R-SON the Voice of Reason: Philly; Danjo: Washington, D.C.; Farrow: Omaha; Sleevs: Baltimore. Song: “The Only Way Out Is Through” Release Date: February 7, 2024 (video); February 2, 2024 (single) Label: Rench Audio In Their Words: "I'm really into…

WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
Video PremiereJan 26, 2024

This week, BGS readers enjoyed a track premiere from California-based string band Moonsville Collective, as well as our very first Rootsy Summer Session featuring an exclusive performance by Israel Nash on the streets of Falkenberg, Sweden. Also, in this week's edition of Out Now, we highlighted a brand new single from Mary Bragg, too. Featured…

WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
Video PremiereJan 18, 2024

Artist: Colby T. Helms Hometown: Boones Mill, Virginia Song: "Mountain Brandy" Album: Tales of Misfortune Release Date: January 19, 2024 Label: Photo Finish Records In Their Words: "I am delighted my original song ‘Mountain Brandy’ is being featured on BGS. This song has been a local fan favorite for years. I wrote the song when I…

WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
Video PremiereJan 17, 2024

 Artist: Jaimee Harris Hometown: Born in Nacogdoches, Texas; Raised in Hewitt, Texas; Living in Nashville, Tennessee Song: "Orange Avenue" In Their Words: "My partner, Mary Gauthier, was given an incredible writing residency in Key West for the entire month of January 2022. We often tour together, so I decided I'd take the time of…

WATCH: Meadow Mountain,
WATCH: Meadow Mountain,