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WATCH: Hayden Pedigo, “Carthage”

Sep 14, 2021

WATCH: Hayden Pedigo,

Artist: Hayden Pedigo
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Song: “Carthage”
Album: Letting Go
Release Date: September 24, 2021
Label: Mexican Summer

In Their Words: “‘Carthage’ is a track I wrote for 12-string guitar as a tribute to my hero Anthony Phillips, who was a founding member of Genesis. I really wanted to capture this angelic, ethereal feeling that Anthony’s music always brought to me. For this live video, Gilles [of video producers Rocco and Gilles] had the idea to record the song live to tape and on playback the tape had a weird, foggy, strange sound and at points almost started to fall apart like William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops. The live tape audio really brought out the birds singing and the ambient sounds going on in the woods, and combined with the tape sound, I loved the way it turned out. It almost brings a completely different feel than the album version which is very maximalist!” — Hayden Pedigo

Photo credit: Jonathan Bergen

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WATCH: Hayden Pedigo,
WATCH: Hayden Pedigo,