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WATCH: Jon LaDeau, “Call My Name” (Feat. Hayley Thompson-King)

Jul 31, 2019

WATCH: Jon LaDeau,

Artist: Jon LaDeau
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Song: “Call My Name” (feat. Hayley Thompson-King)
Album: Roads
Album release date: October 11, 2019

In Their Words: “‘Call My Name’ is the first single from my new album, Roads. It’s a duet with Hayley Thompson-King. I wanted to get the feeling across that a strong relationship with a close friend or family member or partner is such a special thing to have. You can always call on this person and they’ll be there. And they can call on you, no matter what.” — Jon LaDeau

WATCH: Jon LaDeau,

Photo of Jon LaDeau by Brian Geltner
Album cover image credit: Jon LaDeau, Brian Geltner, Alyssa Kriner

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WATCH: Jon LaDeau,