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WATCH: Kalos, “Fare Thee Well”

Dec 6, 2022

WATCH: Kalos,

Artist: Kalos
Hometowns: Tacoma, Washington/Boston, Massachusetts
Song: “Fare Thee Well”
Album: Headland
Release Date: Spring 2023

In Their Words: “‘Fare Thee Well,’ or ‘10,000 Miles,’ is a classic traditional lullaby that has been popular and widely sung for many decades. One notable version, and initial inspiration for our version, comes from the great singer Nic Jones. Late one night at home, I was trying to play and sing as quietly as possible in the bathroom so as not to wake my sleeping baby. The resulting dreamlike quality was evident when I played it for Ryan & Jeremiah, and we keep that quality in our arrangement. We all three live in different parts of the world, and have families with children at home; when we travel, it can feel like we’re 10,000 miles from something we love. So we take comfort in this song. It also became something like an anthem to us during the isolation of the pandemic and has become one of our favorite tracks from our new album.” — Eric McDonald, Kalos

Photo Credit: Dylan Ladds, Dooster

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WATCH: Kalos,
WATCH: Kalos,