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WATCH: Rachel Baiman, ‘I Could’ve Been Your Lover Too’

May 25, 2017

Artist: Rachel Baiman
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Song: “I Could’ve Been Your Lover Too”
Album: Shame
Release Date: June 2, 2017
Label: Free Dirt

In Their Words: “This song is about lust, pure and simple. The feeling of wanting someone you can’t have, and knowing that it’s wrong to feel the way you do. It’s perhaps one of the most powerful feelings in the world and can make you do some crazy things. The lyrics of the chorus are ‘A man in love ain’t mine for the taking, but if he comes my way, Lord, I’m … gonna shake him.’ Although we never discussed the subject matter of the songs, in the studio, Andrew Marlin (who produced the album) kept changing the words of this song to ‘That chicken’s ripe for the pluckin … and if he comes my way, Lord, I’m … gonna …’ which resulted in a lot of takes being interrupted by fits of laughter.” — Rachel Baiman

Photo credit: Gina R. Binkley

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