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WATCH: Sad Daddy, “Arkansas Bound”

Jan 11, 2022

WATCH: Sad Daddy,

Artist: Sad Daddy
Hometown: Central Arkansas (Joe Sundell, Brian Martin); outside of Austin, Texas (Melissa Carper, Rebecca Patek)
Song: “Arkansas Bound”
Album: Way Up in the Hills
Release Date: January 28, 2022

In Their Words: “‘Arkansas Bound’ was inspired by living in the big city and longing to go back to a slower pace of life in the country, surrounded by nature. I was making a lot of trips from Austin, Texas, back to Arkansas at the time and once I would hit those winding country roads in the Ozark Mountains, a sense of relief would come over me. I’ve been drawn to cities to find the inspiration of various music communities but I really have never loved living in a city. I have spent a good deal of time in and around Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which is a tiny town in Northwest Arkansas, in the Ozarks. There is something about the country there that keeps drawing me back in.

“I currently live on a farm about 40 minutes east of Austin, so I’m combining the best of both worlds. There is a great music community here in Austin and a lot of fun dance halls and places to play. And I do love the Texas country, too. But even now, when I hit the road for Arkansas, something in me just relaxes and I feel like I’m going home. I think this song felt like an appropriate opener for Way Up in the Hills as Arkansas is home for most of Sad Daddy, and we decided this album would be about going back to the country, seeking that peace you find from being in nature. I feel like ‘Arkansas Bound’ is kind of a call-to-the-country anthem.

“The video was filmed in Greers Ferry, Arkansas, on the boat dock at Brian’s cabin. We reunited at the cabin to make some videos and he had a couple friends visiting. Besides the band, the video features fisherman Madewell and dogs Georgia Peach and Rooster. Sadly, Rooster has passed away since we filmed.” — Melissa Carper, Sad Daddy

Photo Credit: Melissa Brawner

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WATCH: Sad Daddy,
WATCH: Sad Daddy,