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WATCH: Tejon Street Corner Thieves, “The Road”

Jun 15, 2022

WATCH: Tejon Street Corner Thieves,

Artist: Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Song: “The Road”
Album: Thick as Thieves
Label: Liars Club/Regime Music Group

In Their Words: “‘The Road’ was filmed at the witches castle in Portland, Oregon. It was a 7-mile hike down into a shaded lush green valley. The house we filmed at was haunted by an old witch that was rumored to have eaten her own children for sacrifice. The song is about the party lifestyle and how sometimes it’s hard livin’ but how if you could go back you wouldn’t do anything different. It’s about how even after you pass on to the next life, or what have you, the party must still go on.” — Shawn D’Amario, Tejon Street Corner Thieves

Photo Credit: Mountain Trout Photography

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WATCH: Tejon Street Corner Thieves,