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WATCH: The HawtThorns, “On the Way” (Live)

Feb 16, 2022

WATCH: The HawtThorns,

Artist: The HawtThorns
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “On the Way”
Album: Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars
Release Date: February 25, 2022

In Their Words: “We wrote this song at home in Nashville while we were waiting on the world to open up; thinking about everything we had planned when we started our band and how it didn’t quite go as we thought. Even though we had a detour, the stuff that we went through on that alternate route made us look at things in life a little differently. It is about being able to enjoy the journey and to let go of exactly where you are headed. The track was super fun to make. When we had drummer Matt Lucich come in for the session we asked him to take the groove away from a traditional ‘train beat’ or a country ‘2/4 feel’ and try something different with the tom-toms. The result is this feel that the song could go off the rails at any time, just like the lyrics suggest. Johnny Hawthorn did his best Jerry Reed impression and took the opportunity to play every country lick in the book as fast as he could on his Telecaster. We doubled the vocals and layered harmonies for a real big-sounding chorus on this one.” — KP Hawthorn

Photo Credit: Michael Becker

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WATCH: The HawtThorns,
WATCH: The HawtThorns,